Sports Betting in the United States

LIVE SGP its small size, the United States is home to several states that offer official sports betting. Some states were ahead of the game and others took a while to get their act together. However, some states are taking the initiative to legalize sports betting and make it more convenient for bettors. Whether you’re in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts or Virginia, you can place a sports bet without leaving your home.

Washington, DC is an ideal market for official betting. There are over 700,000 residents in the capital city and there is a constant stream of visitors who are eager to place bets on their favorite teams. In fact, DC is one of the few cities in the nation that has had more success at the retail level than online. The DC Lottery oversees sports betting in the district and allows other companies to offer sportsbooks.

Several states, including Virginia, Nevada and West Virginia, offer sports betting. However, in most cases, online betting is the only way to go. In Nevada, you’ll have to visit a land-based casino to place a sports bet. However, the state does allow four sportsbooks to offer online service in November of 2020.

Vermont and Connecticut have also been ahead of the game when it comes to official betting. In Vermont, the state lottery has its own app that you can download to your mobile device. In Connecticut, the state lottery partnered with Rush Street Interactive to offer an online sportsbook.