The NFL’s Partnerships With Sportsbooks

The NFL has moved cautiously in its quest for legalized sports betting. It has spoken to sports entities, gaming operators, governing bodies, and fans about the industry. In doing so, it has forged partnerships with sportsbooks.

One of the most interesting developments in the NFL’s broader plans for gambling is its decision to infuse gambling content into its broadcasts. This is based on research showing that fans like to watch games with sportsbook apps. But the networks are worried about alienating casual fans. Consequently, they are also experimenting with alternative broadcasts.

NFL broadcasters can sell six sportsbook commercials per game to approved sportsbook operators. They can also include betting lines on the bottom of the screen. As a result, the league expects to generate $270 million in revenue this season.

Meanwhile, NFL research shows that a significant amount of illegal betting occurs via smartphones. That’s why the NFL is partnering with sportsbooks and allowing them to operate inside of stadiums. Ultimately, the NFL will put the onus on operators to prevent insider betting.

When the Supreme Court upheld a law that legalized sports betting in several states in mid-2017, the NFL began researching the market. It found that fans prefer sportsbook apps over in-stadium betting kiosks.

The NFL has also partnered with several sportsbooks to promote its team sponsors. For example, the Arizona Cardinals and BetMGM launched a sportsbook last year. There are also several apps available for download in Michigan. These include Jazz sports, which has over 400 markets and is one of the most popular sportsbooks.